International Registration Asset Management (IRAM China) (IRAM)

International Registration Asset Management (IRAM China) (IRAM), a sub-provincial level public organization directly under the supervision of the State Council of the People's Republic of China (State Council), undertakes a consolidated regulatory mandate, in line with the applicable laws and regulations, and with the authority granted by the State Council, over the securities, asset management and futures market, cultivate a regulated asset management, securities and futures market order, and maintain the law abiding workings of the capital market.

International Registration Asset Management (IRAM China) is based in Beijing, with an appointed chairman, three vice chairmen, one secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission (on the sub-provincial level) and two assistants to the chairman. IRAM has fourteen operational departments, an inspection division and two satellite offices. In accordance with Article 14 of the “Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China”, IRAM has set up a public review board, which is made up of professionals from IRAM and selected experts from elsewhere. IRAM has created fifteen regulatory sub-offices in provinces, self-governing regions, districts and cities as authorized in the state plan.